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Design is an industry compiled with a broad compilation of skills. Our team at Tianen Interior possess’ the skills to create an aesthetically pleasing outcome for your project. Our designers have extensive knowledge and experience in creating atmosphere, emphasising function, and understanding client demographics. Our results will give you and your customers, clients, and employees a space that feels like a destination and not just a location.

Shop Fitting

New business owners engage us to create their vision. Existing business owners engage us to improve their vision. Tianen Interior is determined to be detailed, accurate, and sustainable when completing your project within budget and schedule. Our project management and construction team works efficiently with all third party consultants, designers, and certifiers to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Commercial Kitchens

A restaurant’s most important component lies not only in a well designed dining space, but also a well functioning kitchen. Our team at Tianen is experienced in determining a layout that is not only consistent with running a professional kitchen, but also satisfies BCA standards and council requirements. We can ensure a smooth process from design to documentation, and construction to final handover.


We can help you get your construction documentation prepared and approved within your project time frame.

  • Development Application
  • Complying Development Certificate
  • Construction Certificate
  • Occupation Certificate

Residential renovation

Let Tianen Interior turn your house into a home. Our design team understand the necessity of creating a space of comfort, and our construction team understands attention to detail is important in a home. Let us bring your dream home into reality!